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Dr. Faith Wokoma


I am in the business of people development. I have worked with non-profits, religious organizations, and individuals to help them flourish. I have worked in many different positions as an assistant, preschool teacher, program director, life coach, and advisor. In obtaining my doctorate in clinical psychology, my goal was always to get a good understanding of how people think and why they do what they do. I have integrated my understanding of people, passion for the gospel to be able to create tools and resources to help individuals and organizations flourish. 

I have been given the opportunity to travel around the world teach at conferences, seminars and have helped organizations understand and grow in areas such as spiritual development, purpose and destiny, family and relationship dynamics, leadership formation, and spiritual well-being. I enjoy speaking, coaching, teaching, and consulting as a spiritual advisor with groups and individuals. I have authored books on spiritual development and inner healing and written several courses and video programs on a diverse number of topics.  When I am not helping individuals live out their destiny, I am busy loving my husband James and my precious children Jojo and Jael.

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